Sam and I were excited for Easter clear back in February…

We made an impromptu trip to a dollar store where we stocked up on easter paraphernalia – baskets, grass, plastic eggs, and the little chicks that peep when you set them on your hand.

Since then, I ate my fair share of Easter candy (the stuff that was supposed to go inside the eggs…whoops!).

So, when Easter rolled around, I had my fill of easter candy. Sam and I got creative and decided to take a different approach for our egg hunt. We decided to stuff the eggs with notes to each other…cute, I know. 🙂 

Turns out its kind of tricky to hunt easter eggs with only two people in a one bedroom apartment. We managed. 🙂

Here’s some photos from the adventure:

Sam’s all ready to go:



Now he’s checking out the laundry room…and I’m stretching my toes.



Trying to find the last few eggs…the closet’s a hard place to look in.




Stopping to read some notes. 🙂








Sam can’t find the last one! I’m too tricky. 🙂




I had to resort to drastic entertainment measures while Sam searched for the last egg. (We counted before we started…I knew where it was.)




Found it!




Now we moved to the front half of the house for me to look. 🙂

First things first, though:



…some instructions from my dear friend the peeping chick.

Turns out a messy kitchen has a lot more hiding places…I should have thought about that before we started. 



Reading the notes. 🙂 



I was more efficient than Sam (or Sam chose much easier hiding places). 

All in all, I’d say it was a successful Easter!




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