On the road again….

Camille was kind enough to drive down with us at the beginning of the summer. We tried to make it fun…

Here’s a little snapshot of what we did:


Sam looking all grown up, driving the Uhaul.


What Camille and I saw for 3 days of open road. Plus some tumbleweeds…


And some AWESOME wildflowers near Shiprock, NM.


Let’s just say Camille was super excited about being in 4 states at once. 🙂 Definitely worth the stop.

When in Roswell, NM….


Avoid getting abducted by aliens…


Or parking too long at Chili’s. 🙂


The Alamo was pretty fun, too.


And the riverwalk.


And don’t forget the Texas-shaped waffles!


Camille had her first authentic Tex-Mex fajitas. They came out sizzling.


And we had homemade guacamole on Texas shaped tortilla chips!


Been a Long Time….

Well, we’re back down in Houston again for another summer. 🙂 We’ve missed the ward, the food, the people…pretty much all of it. The only bad part about Houston is that we’re far away from our family. Can you all just move down here???

Since our last post about a year ago a lot has happened and not much at the same time. Lots of school and family and fun. And there was a trip down to Bryce Canyon somewhere in there…

DSCN0785 DSCN0789


And Walter got Utah plates! (Much to Sam’s dismay….)


All in all, its been a good time. 🙂

More to come about our most recent adventures soon!


An adventure!


Most days, at the end of work, Kristie is pretty exhausted. Well, really exhausted. Especially by the end of the week (who isn’t?). This week, she was so tired by Thursday that she went to bed really really really early, and clocked in a little over 11 hours of sleep!

Well, Friday end of day rolls around and I roll into the parking lot at Kristie’s building ready to pick her up, when someone who looks like and talks like Kristie, but had way more energy for a Friday than either of us ever have had, bounces into the car (Walter!). Puzzled, but pleased, I ask what’s up. Apparently those 11+ hours were incredibly effective!

Go figure.

Now here we were. Full of energy. In case you need a translation: “Ready for an adventure”

In case you haven’t realized yet, Houston is FULL of adventurous places. One place we for some reason hadn’t been to yet together quickly became the focus of our adventure. So we called a reservation at Mario’s Seawall Italian Restaurant, packed our flip flops and headed down to Galveston Island!


*Hour long drive along Gulf coast*


We arrived! And I dare say Galveston is quite the awesome spot! Lots of cool old mansion/home buildings with sweet architecture, tons of fun shops, delicious Mario’s (with Gluten-Free cake! :)) and of course, to top it all off, the beach!!


Don’t know what to call this, except awesome!




Kristie braved the water first!Image



Then we both got our feet in




Also, the water was WARM. On May 1st! Wild!




Of course, a “group” shot






Some sweet bonus beach pictures:




Oh, one last picture! These little bird guys were running around on their little legs at at least 500 steps a second- so fun to watch!



*Hour long drive back another way- I missed a turn- whoops!*


And thus ended our incredibly awesome, impromptu, and memorable adventure to the beach!




Sam and I were excited for Easter clear back in February…

We made an impromptu trip to a dollar store where we stocked up on easter paraphernalia – baskets, grass, plastic eggs, and the little chicks that peep when you set them on your hand.

Since then, I ate my fair share of Easter candy (the stuff that was supposed to go inside the eggs…whoops!).

So, when Easter rolled around, I had my fill of easter candy. Sam and I got creative and decided to take a different approach for our egg hunt. We decided to stuff the eggs with notes to each other…cute, I know. 🙂 

Turns out its kind of tricky to hunt easter eggs with only two people in a one bedroom apartment. We managed. 🙂

Here’s some photos from the adventure:

Sam’s all ready to go:



Now he’s checking out the laundry room…and I’m stretching my toes.



Trying to find the last few eggs…the closet’s a hard place to look in.




Stopping to read some notes. 🙂








Sam can’t find the last one! I’m too tricky. 🙂




I had to resort to drastic entertainment measures while Sam searched for the last egg. (We counted before we started…I knew where it was.)




Found it!




Now we moved to the front half of the house for me to look. 🙂

First things first, though:



…some instructions from my dear friend the peeping chick.

Turns out a messy kitchen has a lot more hiding places…I should have thought about that before we started. 



Reading the notes. 🙂 



I was more efficient than Sam (or Sam chose much easier hiding places). 

All in all, I’d say it was a successful Easter!



New Favorite

Sam and I recently discovered something delicious….

It starts with this:



Then we grab some of this:



After which we come up with these:




Add a little glaze, and we have:



…an adorable, itty-bitty, gluten free pie! (sorry for the photo quality…)


Houston Rodeo

Late post…go figure.

Sam and Ginny and I went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. There was an enormous amount of activity…so many people, so much food, so many animals. Everything was supersized or maximized. Big carnival, lots of shopping booths, tons and tons of animals, huuuuuuuuge rodeo arena, and of course, lots of people.


Sam met this elephant first thing, and they were buds.

We had quite the adventure…and once again failed to take a lot of pictures. There was a carnival, but we mostly avoided it because of the rainy weather. Inside, however, did not disappoint. We did quite a bit of looking around in the various booths and saw a lot of leather, stetsons, boots, and rhinestones. Seems like Texans like everything bejeweled (Jeans, hats, boots, belts, you name it).

We also wandered around the livestock pens. Lots and lots of highschoolers giving their steers luxury baths and blow dry. Talk about spoiled beef!

In addition to the typical animal collection, there were several “exotic” animals too. Vendors offered prime services such as camel rides and photographs with kangaroo joeys. Very Houstonian if you ask me… 😉

Sam met some baby chicks – they just hatched and were figuring out how to walk around, eat bird seed, and climb up the food trough. 🙂 So fluffy!


Dinner was bbq, of course. What else do you eat at a Houston rodeo? Funny story, they even sell bbq at football games!

We sampled the delicacy also known as smoked turkey legs. Its a thing down here… Looks gross, tastes amazing. Sam ate a lot:


The actually rodeo was tons of fun. There were all the main events, and good competitors. Our favorite was the calf scramble. Basically this was a bunch of teenagers fighting over some calves. Pretty entertaining….

Well, that’s about it for the rodeo.

These days we’ve become significantly more boring as work has ramped up and life has gotten busier. 🙂


How many gators did you meet today?

This weekend we visited Brazos Bend State Park. We learned several things:

  1. Houston has real trees.
  2. Houston has real trails.
  3. We can experience sunny and 65 in February.
  4. Sooooooo many gators.

Sam was less scared of the gators than I was. I do admit that they were pretty tame, but they were also sunbathing in the trail.


Gator #1


Gator #2


Gator #we’ve seen too many to keep track…


Trail menacing gator.


Sam and said gator.


I may look like I’m smiling…but I really am ready to run for my life. He was not small…


Trail menacing gator’s cousin – trail sunbather.

And for good measure, woods and path:





Funny thing…after 6 months of marriage we’ve succumbed to the “couple’s blog”. Also funny that this decision happened to coincidentally land on our 6 month anniversary – which Ginny had to remind me was today. No connection, just a fact.

At some point in the last little while we decided to be better about taking pictures and recording our life. Now we want to share what’s happening in our lives with our family (including said pictures), and are having trouble doing so. So, thus begins our blog. Will we keep it updated? No promises. Is this a good way to upload and share our life happenings? Certainly. Are we going to give it a try? Why not?