An adventure!


Most days, at the end of work, Kristie is pretty exhausted. Well, really exhausted. Especially by the end of the week (who isn’t?). This week, she was so tired by Thursday that she went to bed really really really early, and clocked in a little over 11 hours of sleep!

Well, Friday end of day rolls around and I roll into the parking lot at Kristie’s building ready to pick her up, when someone who looks like and talks like Kristie, but had way more energy for a Friday than either of us ever have had, bounces into the car (Walter!). Puzzled, but pleased, I ask what’s up. Apparently those 11+ hours were incredibly effective!

Go figure.

Now here we were. Full of energy. In case you need a translation: “Ready for an adventure”

In case you haven’t realized yet, Houston is FULL of adventurous places. One place we for some reason hadn’t been to yet together quickly became the focus of our adventure. So we called a reservation at Mario’s Seawall Italian Restaurant, packed our flip flops and headed down to Galveston Island!


*Hour long drive along Gulf coast*


We arrived! And I dare say Galveston is quite the awesome spot! Lots of cool old mansion/home buildings with sweet architecture, tons of fun shops, delicious Mario’s (with Gluten-Free cake! :)) and of course, to top it all off, the beach!!


Don’t know what to call this, except awesome!




Kristie braved the water first!Image



Then we both got our feet in




Also, the water was WARM. On May 1st! Wild!




Of course, a “group” shot






Some sweet bonus beach pictures:




Oh, one last picture! These little bird guys were running around on their little legs at at least 500 steps a second- so fun to watch!



*Hour long drive back another way- I missed a turn- whoops!*


And thus ended our incredibly awesome, impromptu, and memorable adventure to the beach!




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