Houston Rodeo

Late post…go figure.

Sam and Ginny and I went to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. There was an enormous amount of activity…so many people, so much food, so many animals. Everything was supersized or maximized. Big carnival, lots of shopping booths, tons and tons of animals, huuuuuuuuge rodeo arena, and of course, lots of people.


Sam met this elephant first thing, and they were buds.

We had quite the adventure…and once again failed to take a lot of pictures. There was a carnival, but we mostly avoided it because of the rainy weather. Inside, however, did not disappoint. We did quite a bit of looking around in the various booths and saw a lot of leather, stetsons, boots, and rhinestones. Seems like Texans like everything bejeweled (Jeans, hats, boots, belts, you name it).

We also wandered around the livestock pens. Lots and lots of highschoolers giving their steers luxury baths and blow dry. Talk about spoiled beef!

In addition to the typical animal collection, there were several “exotic” animals too. Vendors offered prime services such as camel rides and photographs with kangaroo joeys. Very Houstonian if you ask me… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sam met some baby chicks – they just hatched and were figuring out how to walk around, eat bird seed, and climb up the food trough. ๐Ÿ™‚ So fluffy!


Dinner was bbq, of course. What else do you eat at a Houston rodeo? Funny story, they even sell bbq at football games!

We sampled the delicacy also known as smoked turkey legs. Its a thing down here… Looks gross, tastes amazing. Sam ate a lot:


The actually rodeo was tons of fun. There were all the main events, and good competitors. Our favorite was the calf scramble. Basically this was a bunch of teenagers fighting over some calves. Pretty entertaining….

Well, that’s about it for the rodeo.

These days we’ve become significantly more boring as work has ramped up and life has gotten busier. ๐Ÿ™‚



4 thoughts on “Houston Rodeo

  1. I love everything about this post. Sam and animals and food. Cows getting spa treatment. Teenagers and calves. All good!

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